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Exhibiting at VMworld 2013

End of August, same week as Burning Man (thanks VMware – please reconsider next year), it has become a tradition: VMworld, VMware’s own trade show with their whole ecosystem and more than twenty thousand attendees.

One good thing is VMworld is again in San Francisco. I remember when it was in Las Vegas; the long ways from one hotel to another, the way inside the hotel to Sands Expo, how convenient is it here in San Francisco. I can walk to Moscone Center from both office and home.

In a nutshell, the show was a great success for my company. It was difficult to leave the booth, even when fully staffed, to get a meal or visit the restroom because it was always busy.

It started not so well though – our neighbors had a rollup that blocked our view and when we politely asked to replace that, everybody was very friendly; until their “boss” came and this person was rude as hell. I told him literally that he was “rude” and we’ll contact the trade show organization crew, and he just left. Now of course I could not resist to ask his employees why they would work for “such a jerk”. Everybody was silent. Minutes later the organizers were here and the rollup was gone. After several trade shows we know the rules and we knew we were right, and I wonder how somebody who is “Marketing Director” of a VC-financed company can a) not know about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and b) be so weak that he is unable to handle such a matter in a way that doesn’t leave his employees in pure embarrassment. Anyway, everybody can have a bad day, so let’s get over it. We had a great show, and they had a great show.

The VMworld party was also great. San Francisco’s baseball stadium, the AT&T park was the party location, and we had two world-class bands playing, Imagine Dragons, and Train – the latter local from San Francisco, which is kind of cool.