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The Rim Fire and Hetch Hetchy

As most readers might be aware of, the Rim Fire is burning in the Yosemite/Stanislaus area and climbing up the ladder of the state’s 9th, 8th, etc largest fire every day. While far from San Fancisco, it does have an impact on The City, because the Hetch Hetchy reservoir that provides 85% of our drinking water, is directly in the fire zone. Fortunately this is not in real danger, partly because there are already 7000 firefighters deployed (please, take a moment to imagine that and really think about that number…)

Since my company Stratodesk is just preparing a new software release and we usually assign code names to releases, I have decided to name this release “Hetch Hetchy” – to remember how fast you may start to worry about things that are otherwise taken for granted.

Caution – Zombies ahead!

Strange things happen in a big city. This time I came across a street sign that was apparently “hacked”. Instead of warning of, say, construction, traffic jam, it displayed a warning: “Zombies ahead”.

Real Street Sign warning about Zombies
Real Street Sign warning about Zombies

In fact it seems that these signs have operator panels that can be locked, but workers tend to forget these, creating an opportunity for adventurous geeks willing to break some laws.