I have been using WordPress now for more than eight years. What a long time! It has powered my tiny little Outdoor Weblog from the early beginnings in late 2004. For those unfamiliar with WordPress, it is an open-source content management system (CMS), the thing that powers a modern website.

I remember how easy everything in WordPress has been, be it content editing, web design, or even code modifications. The company webpage was running on another system named Joomla at that time, allowing that to happen is on top of my list of really wrong decisions in my life.

Now my company webpage stratodesk.com is powered by WordPress, and this site is also powered by WordPress. WordPress has kept its simple and elegant database model, its great plugin interface, and its good track record for security and speedy updates. If anybody today is about deciding what CMS to use, I can only recommend WordPress. Its hardly necessary to code – in fact you’ll find a plugin for everything. If I code, I do it more or less for fun. There is one thing however: You don’t need that many plugins. In fact most people will be fine without any plugins – that’s the beauty of WordPress. (Now if only it was written in Python, my favorite programming language 😉 – just kidding.)

It just came to my mind as I was attending a WordPress meetup today in San Francisco, not my first one, but it made me think about how successful this piece of software has been and how much it has helped me and others.