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Thanks for visiting the homepage of Emanuel Pirker! I am an IT entrepreneur and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California in the area well-known as “Silicon Valley”. I founded Stratodesk, a technology company disrupting the Desktop Virtualization/VDI/Thin Client computing space. I developed its flagship product NoTouch Desktop. With NoTouch Desktop CIOs can easily repurpose their PCs into Thin Clients, effectively eliminating maintenance hassle and security threats on the endpoints – without having to buy dedicated hardware!

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Emanuel Pirker

As a software engineer I have always loved to work with operating systems and networking, all those little gears that make computer systems and networks work: the algorithms, the modules, the protocols behind the scenes. With that foundation it was easy to also invade other spaces, such as databases and Big Data, as well as enterprise applications including UI/UX/workflow automation.

My work is my passion – I don’t really divide between passion and “spare time”. When not working, I am usually out running or somewhere in the mountains on skis or climbing, either in California’s Sierra Nevada, or the European Alps. If somehow possible I like to publish pictures and trip reports on my private mountaineering oriented website Outdoor Weblog. I am also a licensed private pilot with instrument rating – flying airplanes is another thing I love. My flying base is Palo Alto airport.

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